I'm Scott.

Ecologist, Wildlife Photographer, Filmmaker, and winner of
the British Photography Awards.

Take a look a my portfolio of images from around the world. I hope they encourage you to go out of your house, explore the natural world around you and capture some special moments yourself!

Effective communication is key for change. My aim is to tell stories that start conversations, inspire people to fall in love with nature and evoke action to save wildlife species, landscapes & communities.

The stories I aim to tell are just the start of any journey. From my storytelling, I work with stakeholders to create & support solutions to change mindsets and help grassroot projects to thrive.
For over 8 years, I have been delivery conservation & wildlife photography talks in a different and unique way. I guest speak at camera clubs, schools, societies, and nature clubs across the UK.

My Wildlife Photography Blog

Through my wildlife photography blog, I share ecology ramblings, travel guides, photography editing tips and photography resources to help you get the best out of the natural world.

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