My 2020 Vision

As a conservation-focused photographer, I have been working on a 2020 vision to demonstrate the link between species conservation, healthy ecosystems and benefits to local communities.

I believe that we hold a responsibility to the species, environmental, economic and social impact during my photography holidays, as well as to my clients and that has led us to develop a Responsible Travel Policy covering my overseas work – you can read it here.

Furthermore, I have taken the decision to redevelop my overseas photography workshops into conservation photography expeditions to be implemented fully by the start of 2020 onwards, hence the title ‘Our 2020 Vision’. This has seen some of my popular tours discontinued but will bring a HUGE array of exciting new projects to replace them.

The 2020 vision is to see my overseas workshops, by 1st January 2020, to physically and directly contribute to wildlife conservation and support local communities. During these hands-on conservation photography expeditions, you will directly help to promote the protection and survival of the endangered species, whilst your holiday cost contributes directly to the project and communities which you visit.

The trips allow you to get involved and be part of important initiatives to help wildlife conservation and communities, while you experience the incredible privilege of photographing amazing creatures and build a documentary-style portfolio of the conservation teams.

Helping endangered species to remain in the wild is an inspiring opportunity and getting involved in conservation photography is most poignant. Not only will you be doing something rewarding, fun and worthwhile, but you will be contributing to the long-term protection of endangered animals while witnessing and photographing wild species.

It is time for a change, It is time for us all to give something back to nature, It is time to save our natural world!