My 13 Best Wildlife Photographs of 2020

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Today I wanted to share with you my Best Wildlife Photographs of 2020.

Well, actually more like my favourite images. They might not actually be the best.

Wildlife photography is one of the most challenging genres of photography out there.

However, it is also the most rewarding one, but it does require a serious time commitment to really achieve the highest levels.

Not only do you have to work on improving your photography skills, but you also have to become familiar with the species you are photographing.

One of the best ways to improve your photography is to follow Glyn Dewis’ method of Photograph Like a Thief!


Well… Basically, by looking through Instagram and other social media, there are some stunning moments that make for great photo inspiration for your own work.

Then get out there and see if you can copy and then improve on that image.

This is a method I’ve used myself several times to give me inspiration.


Moving forward, I have put together;

13 best wildlife photographs that I hope will inspire you.

These are my favourite, not actually the best wildlife photographs for 2020.

I hope they encourage you to go out of your house and capture some wildlife moments yourself!

98% Human: Mountain Gorilla Fist

Firstly, I had to include this image.

A proud moment when my name was announced at the British Photography Awards. Meaning this photograph was the winner of the land animal category.

Taken in the jungles of Bwindi National Park, Uganda. One of the most amazing experiences in wildlife photography.

I wanted to highlight the close DNA match that humans and great apes possess. Focusing on the hands and feet of these magnificent gorillas allowed me to build a documentary on my target.

The series of images became part of my story – Rushergura: In the hands of Kabukojo.

best wildlife photographs


More best wildlife photographs for inspiration…

So! I could go on. Explaining each story behind every image.

However, you are here to see wildlife photography. Furthermore, most of the stories are available throughout my blog.

You can also see more of my portfolio over at @scottlathamphoto on Instagram.

So from herein, I’ll just be sharing more of my favourite nature photos.