Effective communication is essential when it comes to changing people’s ways of thinking, building public support, creating positive attitudes and engaging with stakeholders as we work towards a healthier ecosystems and communities for the natural world.

The first step in any story is to highlight problems that need exposure. Once a problem is highlighted, we work, with guidance from stakeholders, conservationists, communities and NGOs to research and plan a story expedition. We work towards subjects, locations and impacts which can create a tipping point in favour of conservation.

A picture tells a thousand words. Our award-winning team started as professional wildlife & nature photographers and we still hold the view that pictorial stories are one of the most powerful ways to engage with people. From our story expeditions, we create stunning images and articles to promote and inspire change within conservation.

We use the power of film to create educational, informative and forward-thinking mini-films. Videos that capture the minds of our viewers, start with a fresh idea and storyboard. Then we handle research, the script, production, and editing. As well as working on our own mini-docs, We work with a range of fantastic organisations on commissions.

Our stories allow us to cover several conservation and educational outcomes too. Not only do we want to tell a pictorial and video story, we ensure our work can have a beneficial & lasting footprint for educational resources, talks & presentations and on-going conservation usage.

Take a look at some of our recent stories below.

Rushegura: In The Hands Of Kabukojo

Monday 14th March, news breaks that three of Virunga’s rangers had been killed at the hands of poachers, whilst protecting Mountain Gorillas. The world’s largest

Pangolin: We’re Not Responsible

Words & Pictures by Alastair Marsh Meet Amos; a rare male Ground Pangolin, a species been blamed for the pangolin coronavirus outbreak which has swept

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Telling the story of conservation is not always enough to evoke change. Campaigning for positive change for wildlife species, habitats and local communities to save our natural heritage, is the next step in inspiring a love for the natural world.

We ensure our campaigns allow us to cover several conservation and educational outcomes. Not only do we want to tell a pictorial and video story, we ensure our work can have a beneficial & lasting footprint. Our research, ecological value and stories are delivered to NGOs and organisations so they can, with our continued support, campaign for change.

We also use our materials to develop educational resources, talks & presentations and on-going conservation usage via our conservation solutions and initiatives.

Join me on YouTube as we talk about wildlife and conservation, interviews, share tips and tutorials for photographers, and take you on behind the scenes.


Conservation depends on cooperation, collaboration and education of local communities. The story that we tell emphasises the fact that we are all interconnected with nature, and part of complex bio-diverse ecosystems, connected by our living landscapes.

Our journey does not end with telling global stories to our media footprint and campaigning for change. We work within regional communities, fund and lead initiatives, help and support conservation organisations and educate about the importance of our wildlife and habitats, the struggles and joys of conservation and to pressure global policymakers to act today to save our species & habitats.

Take a look at some of the projects and outreach schemes we’re leading & supporting below.

Red Squirrel Conservation in UK

Working closely with our partners, British Red Squirrel & Wild Staffordshire, we’re working towards protecting the UK’s native species. Our work involves leading the Staffordshire Squirrel Project, which is working to protect the counties ancient woodlands, leading education initiatives and overseeing the long-term goal of reintroduction of the species.

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Human-Wildlife Conflict in Sri Lanka

Wildlife & Humans have been fighting over space for generations. Yet, in the past 40 years things have become extremely fragile for Asian Elephants in particular throughout Sri Lanka. We’ve partnered with the SLWCS to support and promote their grassroots level project, by promoting their work, campaigning and developing educational resources.

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Big 5 Reintroduction in South Africa

The Big 5 had been absent from South Africa’s Sidbury for generations. Now they thrive again thanks to a grassroots community-led project. Along with Oyster Worldwide, We’ve partnered with Kwantu, one of the foremost organisations in defining new ideas, solutions or visions for protecting and preserving Africa’s Big 5 for future generations.

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Education Outreach

Educating our younger generations is key to a greener and wildlife flourished future. Using the experiences from our expeditions, we work with educators to produce free lesson plans and resources for teachers & conservationists to download and use in classrooms.

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Talks & Presentations

Delivered by experienced and knowledgeable speakers, our talks provide an informative and inspiring lecture, accompanied by beautiful photography for any situation, Offering a perfect fun-filled and mind opening experience for U3A’s, clubs, conferences and events.

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Image Bank & Stock Library

As storytellers we specialise in high-quality still images of wildlife, habitats and practices associated with conservation, all of which have been added to our ever expanding image bank stock library. Considerable discounts available for conservation not-for-profits.

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