Conservation Stories

Over the years, we’ve diminished our planet at an alarming rate. We are in a period of the 6th mass extinction the world has seen.

My aim is to tell stories, backed by ecological research and stunning photography, that change people’s perceptions and evoke action to help save our natural world.


Rushegura: In The Hands Of Kabukojo

Monday 14th March, news breaks that three of Virunga’s rangers had been killed at the hands of poachers, whilst protecting Mountain Gorillas. The world’s largest primate.

conservation photography
conservation photography

Golden Eagles Are Soaring To Success

The golden eagle is one of Britain’s rarest species. They can only be found in small areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland, yet only around 500 breeding pairs remain.

conservation photography

Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen: The Dutch Crown Jewel

In the heart of Europe’s most heavily developed country, scarcely 30 klms from the centre of Amsterdam, lies a miracle of wildness.

conservation photography

How Human’s Are Changing The Desert’s Biodiversity

We’re damaging planet earth with overpopulation, poor habits and disregard for nature. We can’t sustain nearly 8 billion people.


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