Hi I'm Scott.

An award winning Wildlife photographer

A field ecologist, conservationist, filmmaker, and Winner of the British Photography Awards

My Wildlife Photographer Story

 I’m dedicated to compelling ecology and conservation stories through visual media formats.

In 2020 co-founded Conservation Now to provide factual videos and articles backed by ecological research and stunning photography.

I started my photography blog, to give everyone the opportunity to learn photoshop, lightroom, photography, and more. I hope you can learn something along the way

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What I Offer Other Photographers

Throughout the years as a wildlife photographer, I’ve learned that the greatest passion, aside from nature and conservation, I have is to help others to improve their photography skills. I love to teach and see that progression. That’s why, I’ve refocused my energy on my FREE blog, videos, resources, and wildlife photographer talks. Take a look at how I maybe able to help you. 

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